The Missing Piece

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The Missing Piece

What gets you up and out the door to work? What’s your motivation, why do we do it? There are so many different reasons we go out to work but it all kind of boils down to one, really. Pay day. It’s why the bus driver on your commute is there, why the cleaner got up at 4 am and why you turned up today despite having the back end of a cold, 4 hours sleep and being up in the night with the baby. If this doesn’t ring true for you there are a thousand different (all just as valid) versions. The carer, the dedicated pet owner, the one struggling with mental health, the one with the boiler playing up who had no heating last night, the one suffering from a long term illness or disability to name a few. For most of us (bar a very few extremely lucky people who work just for fun.)

I’m not suggesting that no one enjoys work and we’re all only just about managing to drag ourselves to work to earn a crust as most people enjoy what they do and are damn good at it too. We think that it’s important that work is a place that people feel valued and respected. Simply trying your employees’ shoes on and practising a little empathy can make a huge difference to engagement, morale, and productivity. This is where we think it’s important to have a good flexible working policy in place. Any employee has the right to make a flexible working request once every 12 months. Employers are under no obligation to agree to it if there is a good business reason not to but if it does not seem workable straight away it is obviously a good idea to open up dialogue and perhaps come to some kind of compromise.  We recommend having a company benchmark in place with guidelines in place stating ‘must haves’ for any proposal brought forward as well as having an open door arrangement in terms of encouraging employees to feel able to talk to the appropriate person about potential flexible arrangements as and when they’re needed.

Work-life balance is essential and a business that takes their employees’ well-being seriously not only retains talent but attracts it and in turn follows loyalty and success for both the employee and the business.

Fancy a coffee/tea/water/wine/beer/any drink you like? Give us a call or drop us an email to see if the Works Diverse Mark is something that could benefit your business.


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Christie Haggis

Christie Haggis

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