Is your business Autism Aware?

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Is your business Autism Aware?

This week is world Autism awareness week.  According to the National Autistic Society, In the UK there are currently around 700,000 people on the autism spectrum and if you include their families autism is part of daily life for 2.8 million people.  Only 16% of Autistic Adults are in full time paid employment and only 32% in some kind of paid work and only 10% of them receive employment support but a massive 53% say they want it.

At works Diverse we promote and champion achievable diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace. Supporting employee’s (present and future) and having an accessible workplace for all is a huge part of that.  As awareness has increased and hopefully continues on the same trend it’s hard to ignore the fact that chances are if you don’t already at some point in the future you may employ or work with people on the autistic spectrum.

People on the spectrum much like people who are not on the spectrum have a huge range of skills and expertise in all different types of jobs. They’re sometimes exactly what a team can need and can provide a fresh look and a different way of thinking, however some people who are on the spectrum can socially interact differently leaving them isolated and finding it difficult to settle in and perhaps being perceived as someone who isn’t a team player.  Everyone’s autism is different and individual to them so preparing for every potential situation is unrealistic but there are some measures that you can take.

  • Ensuring that inclusivity is a part of your company culture
  • Broadening the areas you advertise vacancies
  • Consider team enrichment and education sessions
  • Review existing new induction training and consider if it’s inclusive

The National Autistic Society have some great info on their website and if you’re looking to make your workplace a more Diverse, Equal and inclusive please get in touch with us.


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Christie Haggis

Christie Haggis

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