The Model Who Protested Gucci’s Straight jackets Says It Was

They’re speaking out after their runway moment went viral.  On more than one occasion, we’ve seen designs at Fashion Week that have caused us to wonder, “Um, in what world did this seem like a good idea?” There’s been cultural appropriation, confusing styling choices, and, in the case of Gucci’s Spring 2020 collection, there were straightjackets worn by models […] Read More

Amal Clooney Just Wore Katie Holmes’ Favorite Fall Color

It’s almost sold out at Nordstrom, so act fast. We may say things like “cozy girl fall” in a slightly sarcastic tone, and occasionally poke fun at pumpkin spice lattes (while sipping our own). But the truth is, there’s no shame in fully embracing autumn, especially when it comes to style. We plan on wearing our Halloween costume to […] Read More

Jennifer Lawrence Actually Wore Her First Wedding Gown Years Ago

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly getting married this weekend, and rumor has it that the ceremony — or, at least, the menu — will be pretty extravagant. But while we’re definitely curious about the wood-roasted fish and cauldron fritters, we’ve also been daydreaming about her dress. What will the actress wear as she says “I do” to Cooke Maroney? […] Read More

Banksy’s Largest Painting Is Up for Auction and Expected to

It’s a big week for Banksy fans. Not only did the anonymous street artist unexpectedly open his own homewares shop in Croydon, but his largest known canvas is up for sale at Sotheby’s. One year after his Girl with a Balloon famously self-destructed after being sold for $1.3 million, Banksy is back up for auction. This time it’s his searing […] Read More