Achieving the standard

One size does not fit all. We understand that, especially in the current climate, it can feel as though you’re walking on eggshells and everywhere you look there seems to be someone getting offended. We also understand, know and believe wholeheartedly that a more diverse and equal workplace truly does work for everyone. That’s why we take pride in taking an individual approach to every single company that we work with. The Works Diverse Certification shows your commitment, ongoing support and dedication to an equal workplace.

Starting the process couldn’t be simpler. We know how busy running a business or department can be and we aim to make the whole process as easy as we possibly can. Engagement on all levels is a really important part of achieving the certification and helps to get the whole team invested in something which ultimately is of huge benefit to both them and the business.

The Process

There are four simple steps – click on each heading to expand for a little more detail or if you prefer just call or email us for a chat.

We’ll work with you (usually at your workplace) to establish your initial goals around Diversity and Equality in your business e.g. what you would like to achieve and how to go about it. We then get an anonymous employee and management survey sent out via email to your staff.

After conducting the audit and collecting the information we need, we go away and put together the Works Diverse change report. This report gives guidelines on policies we suggest are looked at and advice on how to go about making the changes. It sets out your businesses targets for the months ahead and provides the results of the audit.

The Diversity Pledge report is sent to you for agreement and consensus. Once you’ve agreed and are happy with the report it will then be finalised and presented along with your Works Diverse certificate. The Works Diverse artwork can now be included on any company literature and/or your website.

Now you have the Works Diverse Mark and Diversity Pledge report it’s down to you and your team to start implementing the changes you’ve agreed to in a timescale that suits you and your business. Works Diverse is available for support and assistance should you need it along with our trusted partners. We’ll check-in after a mutually agreed amount of time to make sure everything’s going well.

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