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Businesses that are Diverse are more successful, innovative, collaborative and in a better place to grow and to thrive. It isn’t just about a check box at the end of an employee survey or job application, it’s definitely not tokenism, it’s SME employers having a solution to diversity and inclusion objectives created with their business in mind. All the big business benefits but with an SME friendly approach.

The Works Diverse mark is an individual certification for businesses to show their ongoing support and commitment to a more Equal and Diverse workplace. The mark criteria has been specifically designed to work for every business. We provide an individual, tailor made and collaborative service ensuring that earning the mark as an organisation offers clear results and tangible benefit.

Works Diverse allows companies to be a key part of their own solution. We work alongside them helping to set realistic goals. This enables them to commit to taking steps towards getting diversity and equality into their workplace and earning the Works Diverse Certification.

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